What Big Bank Stock Has The Largest Price Gain In 2012?

After getting pounded during 2011, bank stocks have soared this year, especially after the Federal Reserve completed its “stress tests” and said that almost every big bank could survive “extremely adverse” economic conditions. During 2011 bank stock shareholders experienced the biggest price declines since the financial panic of 2008.  As worries mounted over both the […]

Big Bank CEOs Take Home Massive Paychecks As Savers and Shareholders Get Crushed

Right or wrong, most consumers have an overwhelmingly negative opinion about big banks.   According to a survey by Research and Markets, 86% of social media comments about U.S. and European banks are negative. The negative perception of big banks by the public has become so pervasive that most bank executives probably just ignore it at […]

Fed Says Banks Can Withstand Financial Hurricane – Savers, Borrowers and Shareholders Not So Lucky

Stress tests of the largest banks in the country against a financial hurricane of “extremely adverse” economic conditions shows that almost all of the largest banks in the country would be able to maintain adequate capital levels.  The Federal Reserve said that 18 of the 19 banks stress tested would survive even if stock prices […]

Bank Of America, Hated By Many, Could Make Some People Rich In 2012

During 2011, some of the smartest investment pros in the world bet heavily on Bank of America and lost big as the stock price collapsed. Concerns over the looming collapse of the European banking system sent U.S bank stocks into a tailspin as panicked investors sold.  From a price of $15 in January 2011 the […]

Not All Banks Made Poor Lending Decisions During The Bubble Years – 5 Banks Worth Buying

With hundreds of bank failures over the past four years and the Problem Bank List at a 20 year high, it is sometimes easy to get the impression that all banks were engaged in reckless lending during the real estate bubble years. While virtually all of the “Too Big To Fail Banks” engaged in highly […]

Why Bank Stocks Are Impossible To Analyze or Value

During 2012, investor fears about the financial condition of banks resulted in the biggest decline in bank stocks since the financial crash of 2008.  A weakening economy and fears about massive exposure to insolvent European financial institutions sent bank investors running to the exits. The brutal sell off in banking stocks during 2012 can be […]

European Banking Crisis Spins Out Of Control – Officials Have No Solutions

The European banking crisis intensified as the threat of debt default contagion spread across Europe.  What was once a “Greek” problem has quickly overwhelmed all of Europe, resulting in a broad sell of equities and frozen credit markets.  Bloomberg reports that European banks are now being valued at levels last seen during the worst of […]

FDIC Reports Decline In Problem Banks But Banking Industry Remains In Intensive Care

The latest FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile shows a negligible decline in problem banks but the banking industry remains in intensive care. The banking industry reported a $28.8 billion profit for the second quarter which was $7.9 billion higher than last year’s quarter ending June 30, 2010.  The bulk  of the profit improvement, however, came from […]

Downward Spiral Of Bank Stocks Is Predicting An Economic Crisis

After rallying last fall, many of the big bank stocks have seen substantial declines from the beginning of the year. Growing fears about the health of the banking industry are discussed in the latest Economics and Mortgage Market Analysis issued by Fannie Mae.  Fannie Mae cites a very weak housing market and an economic slowdown […]