Ridiculous Divergence Between Bank CEO Pay And Shareholder Returns

The wide divergence between bank CEO compensation and shareholder returns is an embarrassment to the capitalist notion of linkage between performance and pay. Shareholders of banking stocks have seen the value of their investments pulverized over the past four years as the banking industry struggles to recover from the lending excesses of previous years.  Shareholders […]

Why Bank Stocks Are Impossible To Analyze or Value

During 2012, investor fears about the financial condition of banks resulted in the biggest decline in bank stocks since the financial crash of 2008.  A weakening economy and fears about massive exposure to insolvent European financial institutions sent bank investors running to the exits. The brutal sell off in banking stocks during 2012 can be […]

2011 Bank Failures Decline For First Time In Three Years

For the first time in three years, the number of U.S. banking failures should total less than 100. Total bank closings for 2011 currently total 90.  The FDIC has been giving their closing teams some time off, with the last bank closing occurring on November 18, 2011. Bank closings usually occur on Friday and unless […]