Five Years After the Banking Crisis, Hundreds of Problem Banks Still Struggle

While many banks have completely recovered from the banking and financial crises of over six years ago, the number of banks classified as “Problem Banks” by the FDIC has remained stubbornly high. A milestone of sorts was reached recently when, after five years, the number of banks on the FDIC’s Problem Bank List finally declined […]

FDIC Says Problem Banks Still Six Times Higher Than in 2007

The FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile for the fourth quarter of 2013 shows a continued reduction in the number of problem banks.  The total number of banks on the FDIC Problem Bank List decreased for the 11th consecutive quarter to 467 banks as of December 31, 2013 compared to 515 problem banks in the previous quarter. […]

Number of Problem Banks Decline By 10% In Second Quarter

The latest Quarterly Banking Profile issued by the FDIC today shows almost a 10% decline in the number of banks on the confidential FDIC Problem Bank List. The number of problem banks finally declined to under 600 for the first time since the first quarter of 2009.  The number of problem banks declined by 59 […]

Number of Banks on FDIC Problem Bank List Remains Historically High

The number of banks on the FDIC Problem Bank List declined for the seventh consecutive quarter.  According to the latest FDIC Quarterly Banking Profile, the number of problem banks as of December 31, 2012, declined to 651 from 694 in the previous quarter. Despite significant recovery in the banking industry, the number of problem banks […]

NOVA Bank, Berwyn, PA, Fails – Depositors Face Losses As FDIC Fails To Find Buyer

Large depositors of NOVA Bank, Berwyn, PA, are in a panic today after state regulators closed the failed bank.  The FDIC, acting as receiver, was unable to find a buyer for NOVA Bank, and will pay off depositor accounts only up to the FDIC insurance limit of $250,000. NOVA Bank, established in 1887, had 13 […]

Regulators and Government Activism Are Prolonging The Housing Crisis

Banks never seem to learn as they lurch from one lending crisis to the next. In the early 1970’s the largest banks in the country lent recklessly to Latin American countries under the theory that sovereign nations would not default.  The ensuing Latin American debt crisis  and sovereign defaults shattered that complacent theory and many […]

Montgomery Bank & Trust, Georgia, Closed By Regulators

Montgomery Bank & Trust, a long time presence in Ailey, Georgia, was closed today by the Georgia Department of Banking and Finance.  Montgomery Bank and Trust, which had been in business since 1926, became insolvent after a large amount of borrowers defaulted on their loans. The FDIC was appointed as receiver and sold the failed […]

Bank of the Eastern Shore, Cambridge, MD, Fails – Uninsured Depositors Out Of Luck As FDIC Fails To Find Buyer

Maryland state regulators closed the Bank of the Eastern Shore, Cambridge, MD and the FDIC was appointed as receiver.  As has happened on previous occasions, the FDIC was unable to find a buyer for the failed bank, leaving uninsured depositors at risk of loss on their savings. To protect insured depositors and wind down the […]

Home Savings of America Collapses, FDIC Unable To Sell Bank – How Much Will Depositors Lose?

Home Savings of America, which was established during the depths of the Great Depression, was closed by regulators today.  The Bank was established on September 1, 1934 and operated as a federally chartered stock savings and loan association, headquartered in Little Falls, Minnesota. According to Home Savings of America’s website, the Bank’s niche was serving […]

The FDIC Has A $30 Billion Junk Loan Problem

In its capacity as receiver for failed banks, the FDIC is responsible for either selling or winding down the operations of failed banks.  In the vast majority of cases, the FDIC is able to sell a failed bank to a purchaser who agrees to purchase some or all of the assets of the failed institution. […]