Almost Half of Americans Expect Higher Mortgage Rates and Higher Home Prices

The latest national housing survey conducted by Fannie Mae shows that many Americans expect to see both higher mortgage rates and rising home prices over the next year.  It will be interesting to see how this paradox unfolds since an increase in mortgage rates has typically made housing less affordable to buyers. One scenario under […]

Housing Market Unlikely To Boost Economic Recovery In 2013

Although the economy grew in the third quarter, data continues to show a “sluggish recovery overall” according to Fannie Mae’s Economic & Strategic Research Group.  Total growth in U.S. gross domestic product since the lows of 2009 has been 7.2% compared with average growth of 16% for previous economic recoveries since the 1960’s. Despite the […]

Mortgage Borrowers Pay Thousands In Excess Fees Due To Complex Bank Pricing

Few people wonder if they got the best price on that newly purchased 65” HDTV.  Transparency in retail pricing through technological advances has enabled consumers to quickly locate the retailer selling a product at the lowest cost.  A few quick clicks on the web or the use of price comparisons apps such as Amazon’s “Price […]

Americans Remain Remarkably Optimistic About Housing And Their Personal Finances

The latest Fannie Mae National Housing Survey shows that Americans remain remarkably optimistic about the future of the housing market as well as their personal financial situation. The Fannie Mae survey polls a nationally representative sample of 1,001 adults and compares the results to a previous poll conducted a year earlier. Home Prices The survey […]