Banking News – Daily Banking Update

Welcome to Banking Update, a roundup of articles and news from around the Internet.  Banks continue to be sued for selling defective mortgages, the Fed says a housing recovery is essential for economic recovery, Americans still believe owning a home is part of the “American dream”, banks are still engaged in risky behavior, savings rates […]

Banking News – Daily Banking Update

Welcome to Banking Update, a roundup of articles and news from around the Internet.  Exactly how do you keep your money safe, will Bank of America fail in 2012, a potential housing bottom, Fannie and Freddie executives line their pockets, foreclosures take a short break for the holidays and why this great recession just won’t […]


BANKING LINKS Are Mortgage Rates Set To Skyrocket? “And bonds are now telling us that long-term interest rates are preparing for a major upside breakout.   One look at a chart of the 10-year Treasury rate bears this out” – Barron’s Banks Need More Capital – No Agreement On How Much “Conspicuously absent from any regulatory […]

Is The Banking Industry On The Road To Recovery Or Perdition?

Banking Links No Catching Up –  Staggering 10% Of All Mortgage Borrowers Are Delinquent 3 Payments – WP Many Mortgage Borrowers Beyond “Help” – MSN Will Dodd’s Financial “Reform” Program Really Solve Anything? – LAT How Lenders Are Hiding Defaulting Commercial Real Estate Loans – MM Another Bad Idea – Governments Seek To Solve Debt […]

Government Taxes Prudent To Help Foolish With Mortgage Rescue Plans

Banking Links – March 8, 2010 Volcker Says – Keep Rates Low And Spending High – Bloomberg Local Governments Seek To Renege On Bank Interest Rate Swaps – BI Hard Times To Follow Reckless Fed Policies And Easy Bank Lending – Telegraph Banks Facing Huge Losses On Mortgage Buybacks – Bloomberg The EURO Will Survive […]

Why The Bad News On Housing Is Good News

Banking Links – March 1, 2010 Buffett On Housing – Why The Bad News Is Good News -Forbes Buffett – Failed Bankers Still Live In Grand Style – TOL The Abrupt Collapse of Empires – LAT Many Banks Still On The Critical List – NYT Bank of America’s $30 Million Dollar Man – Bloomberg Banks […]

No Easy Way Out As Bank Lending Stalls

Banking Links – February 25, 2010 Banks, Like Everyone Else, Face Massive Tax Hikes – Bloomberg ‘Nascent’ Recovery Requires Low Rates – Bloomberg Banks Bet On Greece Default – NYT Credit Card Borrowing Becomes Road To Impoverishment – NYT Bernanke Seeks To Preserve Fed’s Powers – WP Citigroup To Sell Hedge Fund Business – WSJ […]

Defaults May Overwhelm A Struggling World Economy

Banking Links – February 24, 2010 Sovereign Defaults – When The Impossible Becomes Inevitable – Bloomberg Treasury To Borrow $200 Billion For The Fed – WSJ Banks Expand Consumer Lending At 120% Interest Rates – Bloomberg Banks Spurn Small Business Loans – Baseline Scenario Banks Cash In On Overdraft Fees – NYT How The Government […]

Will More Leverage Save The Economy?

Banking Links – February 23, 2010 Excess Leverage Always Has A Bad Ending – Atlantic Japan, Like Greece, Is Beyond Redemption – Bloomberg Loan Mods Nothing More Than An Expensive Delay – Guess Who Pays? -Calculated Risk Why Every Welfare State Will Follow Greece Into The Abyss – WP US Banking Lending Drops At Fastest […]

Financial Regulatory Reform Remains Illusive

Banking Links – February 22, 2010 Regulatory Financial Reform – All Talk, No Action – FS Without Borrowers Or Lenders, Deflation Is Inevitable – B Prechter Yield Starved Japanese Scoop Up US Treasury Debt – Bloomberg Fed Shows Its Hand With Discount Rate Hike – Econobrowser Low Borrowing Rates Meaningless Without Income – NYT Fundamental […]