Bank ATMs Are Easy Target for Criminals

As if banks didn’t have enough problems to worry about, a recent government report reveals that theft from ATM machine was become a widespread problem. The alarm bell on ATM fraud was sounded by an organization that most Americans have never heard of – the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) – which acts as […]

Banks Desperate For Funds Victimized By Con Men

This post should trigger a snicker from many consumers who feel that they are victims of the banking industry.  In a new twist, banks themselves are now at the top of the list for many con men One would think that with the increased regulatory scrutiny of the banking industry, banks would be last on […]

FDIC Figures Out That Criminals Were Running Failed United Commercial Bank

United Commercial Bank, San Francisco, CA,  which was closed by regulators on November 6, 2009, was the fourth largest banking failure of 2009 and resulted in losses to the FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund of $2.5 billion. Almost two years later, the FDIC announced that it was seeking to prohibit ten former officers of the bank […]