Florida and Washington Hit By Banking Failures – 10% Of All Banks At Risk Of Failure

October 1, 2010 – In an exact repeat of last week’s failed bank activity, Florida and Washington both experienced banking failures, bringing the nation’s total of failed banks for the year to 129.  Considering the increased number of Problem Banks reported by the FDIC and with three months still remaining in 2010, this year’s banking […]

Banking Failures Spread To 28 States Across The Nation

A nationwide drop in real estate values combined with an all time high in mortgage defaults and foreclosures have resulted in banking failures across 28 States.  As of September 17, there were a total of 125 banking failures in the US and Puerto Rico. The five States with the greatest number of banking failures are […]

Banking Failures Hit 25 States Across The Nation

August 13, 2010 – Despite a nationwide drop in real estate values and all time high rates of  mortgage defaults and foreclosures, 25 States have not had a banking failure in 2010.  States that would seem to be obvious candidates for a large number of bank failures have actually experienced a small number of failures. […]