One West Bank Seeks Growth With Citibank Loan Purchase

One West Bank, newly chartered in early 2009, is the banking industry’s biggest success story. At a time when many banks are failing or struggling with nonperforming loans and slow growth, One West has earned almost $2 billion in profits for its founders by acquiring three failed banks, including giant IndyMac Bank  which failed in […]

FDIC Blames Banking Failures On Other Regulators In Bid For Expanded Powers

July 14, 2010 – Banking regulators agreed to give the FDIC expanded authority to conduct examinations of insured depository institutions that the FDIC does not directly supervise, under a new memorandum of understanding (MOU).  The FDIC’s position is that it should have more than “backup authority” and be allowed to take a more active on-site […]

4 Banks Collapse Bringing 2010 Total To 20, OneWest Makes Billions On Failed Bank Purchases

Banking Failures in Texas, California, Illinois and Florida Bring 2010 Total To 20 Regulators continued their ritual of Friday night bank closings, shuttering 4 more banks across the country.   The four failed banks had total assets of $4.2 billion and total deposits of $3.4 billion.  The cost to the FDIC Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) […]

Regulators Were Blind To Risk In Biggest U.S. Banking Failure

The most expensive banking failure in U.S. history was the closure of IndyMac Bank in July 2008.   The original estimated loss to the FDIC of $8.9 billion  has recently been increased to $10.7 billion or 33% of IndyMac’s assets at the time of closure.  The story of how IndyMac Bank was allowed by regulators […]