Fannie Mae Is Suddenly The Most Profitable Company on Planet Earth

In early April Fannie Mae announced blockbuster profits of $17.2 billion for 2012 and $7.6 billion for  the fourth quarter.  The profits reported for 2012 represented the largest annual and quarterly net profits in the company’s history.  The financial position of Fannie Mae had improved dramatically since 2011 when Fannie Mae reported a loss of […]

Fannie Mae Stock Soars As Mortgage Delinquencies Decline

Fannie Mae’s recently released Monthly Summary reports that serious loan delinquencies decreased slightly in January.  A single family home mortgage loan classified as “seriously delinquent” is three or more months past due or in the process of foreclosure.  A multifamily mortgage loan is considered seriously delinquent when payments are 60 days or more past due. […]