Warren Buffett – “I Don’t Understand Why People Hate Bank of America”

Warren Buffett is probably confused.

In a recent poll, consumers rated Bank of America as the second “absolute worst company in America.”  How could so many people hate a bank which has provided generations of Americans with financing to build homes and businesses across America?

Even as Bank of America seemed like it was headed into the arms of the FDIC and politicians across the nation were blaming the Bank for the financial crisis, Warren Buffett saw things differently.  As Bank of America’s stock price was plunging to new lows during the middle of 2011, Buffett showed his faith in the company by buying $5 billion of preferred stock.

Bank of America gratefully responded to Warren Buffett’s vote of confidence with a generous deal that has put billions of dollars of profits into the pockets of one of the world’s wealthiest men.   The preferred stock purchased by Buffett pays a generous 6% dividend yield for a profit of $300 million per year.  In addition, Bank of America granted Buffett a whopping 700 million warrants that gave the Oracle of Omaha the right to convert to common stock at $7.15 per share any time over the next nine years.

At today’s closing price of $12.03, Warren Buffett is sitting on a profit of over $3.4 billion on the warrants.  Including the 6% dividend on the preferred, Buffett is well on his way towards doubling his original $5 billion investment.

After the ridiculous deal in which Bank of America purchased Countrywide at a wildly inflated price, it should come as no surprise that Buffett moved in on a soft target and made a killing.  Buffett has to love Bank of America and their management at this point more than anyone else in the world.  It may take a while longer before the average stockholder and customer share Buffett’s warm feelings about Bank of America.



  2. Frank Bianco says

    When the Feds crammed Countrywide down the throat of B of A, the ‘white knight’ was B of A. The white knight was forgotten by the time the real home loan crisis hit. Suddenly the Fed’s deal became a stupid move and heads rolled at the top of B of A. Then the Gov bailed out the mess it created, and Buffet astutely knew his money was guaranteed, so he added liquidity to B of A’s balance sheet when no one else would. Pretty Smart, Warren. Really this whole mess is Barney Frank’s and the Goldman Syndicate making. Where is the whistle blower when you need one? Now here’s a tip for the rest of us little sheep, Bob …. BUY BOA like Buffet did and ride the stock from 12 to 21 in the next18 months. They are making money hand over fist, just look at their cash flow.

  3. Problem Bank List Staff says

    Good point. Besides selling out of silver too early in 2006, I can’t think of any time that Buffett has been wrong.

  4. How about bofa won’t refinance you or modify a 2nd mortgage if you no longer live in the home yet continue to make your payments. They say oh sorry your’re current! I guess quit paying and they will help you.

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